Why You Should Get Your Garden Trees Professionally Maintained Regularly


When it comes to maintaining a beautiful, safe and peaceful garden, trees are essential. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they provide shelter and shade in rare British summer sun, as well as privacy from passers-by, and providing a potent sound block to busy nearby roads. They make your garden quiet, calm, tranquil and peaceful, and all you have to do is make sure they’re healthy.
Making sure your trees are healthy isn’t hard, either. There are a few simple rules to looking after trees, mostly involving taking an occasional glance at their leaves, and not much more. However, you should get professionals out regularly to take a proper look, and do any necessary treatments and trimmings. They can check the health of the tree, making sure there’s no diseases or illnesses going on, as well as making sure none of the bigger branches are unstable or loose. After storms or heavy snow, it’s worth getting them checked out, as this can damage trees. Trees can be very dangerous, if they’re allowed to get sick or damaged.

Dangers of Overgrown and Dead Trees

Once a tree begins to get too big, there are a number of risks to contend with. One is that the root structure could begin to spread into the foundations of your property, if the tree is close. This can be very damaging, and an expensive fix. If you’ve got trees too close to your home, you should look at having them removed, before they do any expensive damage.
The other risk of trees growing too big is that they can begin to overhang your property, and if they were to die or become loose, you risk big heavy branches crashing down. The risks with fully dead trees are even worse. Falling over, heavy branches crashing down and other problems. A professional tree surgeon can come in and either get rid of risky or dead trees, as well as treating dying ones.

Dangers of DIY

You do need to make sure you get a professional in, however. Not everyone is built, mentally or physically, for scaling trees, mini chainsaw in hand, and skilfully hewing off the necessary bits of tree branch isn’t as straightforward as it appears. If you get this kind of thing wrong you can hurt yourself, damage your property with falling branches, and even kill the tree. Save yourself a load of hassle, and get the professionals in.

What Do Your Trees Do For You?

Trees are vital to a full and beautiful garden. They provide shelter from the wind, rain and sun in your garden, making your garden a little more useable all year round. If you’re close to busy roads and thoroughfares, trees give you privacy as well as cutting out a lot of road noise, which can make a garden infinitely more pleasant. On top of all of that, they can look absolutely gorgeous, and really transform your suburban garden into a woodland, rural paradise. All you have to do is make sure they’re healthy and safe.