Why Decking is Still Perfect in the Colder Months


If you’re trying to think of ways you can step up your garden and make it much more useful and functional this winter, look no further than a quality deck. Well designed and installed decking can be used year round, and really increases a gardens versatility, especially in the damper, cooler months.

You can add furniture, shelter and heaters to decks too, as well as being absolutely bespoke, so can be made to fit with any property. Essentially, decks are the perfect upgrade to a tired and cold garden this winter.

Have you ever walked on a lawn in winter? One word comes to mind for me, and that word is ‘squelchy’. You can’t do anything with sodden, muddy grassy areas in winter, except habitually remind the kids to stay off of it. It becomes a nightmare if you’ve got pets too, as the dogs are apt to go traipsing around in all the muddiest areas to ruin your carpets.

What’s the other option though? Keep the kids and dog in? Don’t go outside yourself? All winter? They aren’t good options. What you could do, is get a deck installed.

Decks are relatively cheap, and can be quickly bespoke designed to fit any property, no matter how awkward or unusual. If you’ve got steep, potentially dangerous steps running down into your garden, replace them with a quality deck, and make it more accessible. A decent deck can form a staging area for many a winter evening soiree, or simple family meal. It’s somewhere to send the dog or kids out to get some fresh air too.

What, you’ll be too cold, out on the deck in winter? Well, then, time to accessorize. You can get shelters for decks attached to properties, perfect for the rainier months. If you truly wanted to go all out, and create the perfect outdoor hangout spot, weather-be-damned, you could get an outdoor heater. That, combined with the shelter and some tasteful outdoor furniture could give you the perfect winter staging area.

Decks have tons of other benefits too. From improving accessibility to the house, via a ramp or easier steps, to covering over ugly spots in a garden, a deck can be a very versatile way to improve the way a garden looks and functions. They can be decorated and painted however you like, and really don’t need to conform to any stereotype in your head. A deck can be a blank canvas, ready for you to imprint some of your homes personality onto it.

It’s a sad fact that so many of us Brits ignore our gardens for six months of the year, at least. It’s true, the weather can be utterly vile, but does that really mean we have to stay cooped up inside all winter? A deck creates the ideal balance between indoor and outdoor, garden and house. It’s the perfect way to improve your garden, and make sure you still get plenty of use out of it this winter.

Who fancies a snowy barbeque?