Why Decking Beats Lawn, Every Time!


When it comes to our gardens, we always want to be optimising them, making them the very best they can be. In a lot of ways, decking is the ultimate way to go about that. Here’s a bunch of reasons why decking beats lawn, every single time!

Lawn Melts into Muddy, Wet Swamp for a Lot of the Year

If you’re among the lucky few to have a garden that sits slightly raised, then you probably aren’t going to have to face this problem too often. However, for the rest of us, all winter, autumn, and spring, our lawns dissolve into splashy, muddy swamps that are good for nothing except avoiding.

We don’t get great weather most of the time in the UK. Without the reliable sun of warmer climes, and with continual rain, you can’t expect lawns to stay dry and usable. Decking, on the other hand, might get a little bit wet, but stays every bit as usable and solid, with no mud!

Minimal Maintenance

Lawns get overgrown, they grow weeds, moss can develop, they can become patchy. Decking has none of these problems. Once it’s installed, that’s it, you’ve got a deck. You won’t have to do any more maintenance for as long as you have that deck, barring maybe a few aesthetic upgrades.

A Lawn is a Lawn is a Lawn

The thing about lawns is that they’re boring. Everyone has them, and they all essentially look the same. Even the greenest, healthiest lawn is still just a lawn. Decking can go much further when it comes to creating something interesting and unique in your garden. If you’re content to settle for cookie-cutter and boring, keep the lawn.

One-Off Cost

Inherent to the fact that decking requires next to no maintenance is the fact that that makes it cheaper to maintain than a lawn. Lawns require mowers, extra seed, and time and effort. All you need when it comes to your deck is to simply pay to have it installed, to your specifications, and away you go. One time cost for a long time garden solution.


Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of having a deck over a lawn is the sheer customisability of decking. From the outset, you get to design and custom build the perfect wooden accompaniment to your home and garden, allowing you to create an easy access route into your property, or simply create an amazing staging area for barbeques and gatherings.

Then you can accessorise with all manner of outdoor furniture, ornamentation, and lighting. You can really create an outdoor space that reflects you and your home. If you’re really getting into it, there’s no reason why you can’t go the whole hog and paint your deck a beautiful colour, maybe a pastel shade? Can you do even half of that with grass?