Smarten Your Garden for the New Year


Trees are an essential part of any garden. They form the backdrop, giving your garden an air of secluded tranquillity while blocking sound. They encourage birds to live and sing in your garden, and they’re great for the kids to climb on. In short, having a couple of trees in your garden can be a great thing.

However, that’s not all there is to it. The majority of trees look gorgeous, but sometimes, if you’ve got a partially dead or dying tree or a sick tree, it can be an absolute eyesore, with missing or discoloured leaves.

On top of that, damaged, dead or dying trees can be dangerous. Falling limbs can write off cars, or damage buildings. You need to make sure your back gardens trees are up to scratch as we enter 2018, so you make sure you can keep making the most of your garden in the spring to come.

Benefits of Trees

The benefits to having trees in your garden are huge. First of all, you’ve got the simple appearance. They give a tall backdrop to your garden scene, blocking off other buildings, and giving a real feeling of rural isolation, and tranquillity. That also means they give your home and garden privacy, which is great.

Not only do they give you privacy from the outside world, but they also literally block the sounds of passing cars and people. Trees act as a great sound block, making your garden even quieter and more peaceful.

Then you’ve got the fact that trees can create a great play environment for kids, as well as the fact that they encourage all manner of birds and fauna to live in your garden. Trees really make the British countryside what it is.

Big ‘n’ Ugly

Trees gone wrong are not aesthetically appealing. One of the best things about trees, their size, becomes a major fault when they become a bit of an eyesore. Especially if they’ve become diseased, bushy, or simply died, trees, when they’re not right, can really detract from the overall look of your garden.

Trees Can Be Dangerous Too!

Let’s not forget the inherent danger in poorly maintained trees either. Even a bushy, quickly growing tree can present risks to nearby properties, with root structures eating their way into the foundations, and eventually destroying properties.

Then you’ve got the simple cartoony risks of branches and trees falling. In reality, though, they destroy cars, buildings, and can hurt people, so it’s worth avoiding letting your trees get to this point.

What you need to do, if your garden’s trees are looking less than gorgeous, or worse, likely to topple over, is call in the tree surgeons. A reputable, qualified tree surgeon will be able to evaluate and diagnose the problem, and make a decision on what to do, be that treatment, trimming and pruning or just full on lopping the tree down.

While you might be tempted to have a go yourself, it doesn’t make sense. It’s quicker, easier, and cheaper to leave it to the professionals, so why not just do that?