Refine Your Garden with Tree Surgery


When it comes to making sure that your garden is doing as well as it possibly can, there’s one thing that far too many people fail to give proper consideration.

It’s altogether too easy to look up at our garden trees and regard them as a static part of the landscape, needing no assistance or attention to keep growing healthily and normally.

That’s not always the case. Trees can get sick, damaged or dangerous, just like anything else, and require ongoing, regular check-ups and trimmings to make sure they’re as healthy as they can be.

DIY isn’t generally an option, especially with taller or less stable trees, and few have the experience, knowledge, skill and tools of a qualified and proven tree surgeon. Here’s how you can refine and shape-up your garden with a visit from the tree surgeon.

Get More Daylight in the Home

One of the biggest problems with an overgrown garden is the way it can block daylight from your home. Without plenty of sunlight, even the most stylish, minimalist space can turn into a murky cave.

That’s exactly why you need to make sure that your garden trees aren’t blocking the light from entering your home.

It can be a simple case of removing the upper few branches at the top of the trees, and it can all be done without impacting your home’s privacy, so there’s no need to worry about that side of things.

Keep Your Lawn in Great Shape

We all love a bright, healthy and green lawn around our home, but what happens to grass when it’s keep damp and shady all the time? You get a mossy, mushroom-covered lawn is what! That not only looks a little bit swampy and rubbish, but it also limits the growth of the grass remaining.

Removing some of the canopy of trees shading the grass can allow your grass to dry out and start growing properly again.

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Strong

For the most part, trees are pretty great at looking after themselves, but it’s important to get them checked on when they’re looking a little unwell.

For instance, discoloured leaves, loose dead branches or being completely covered in ivy can all be signs that your precious tree could be in need of a bit of attention from the tree surgeons.

There’s many different tree diseases out there too, which can spread between trees causing them to wither and die. Tree surgeons understand how to rectify and treat all these different problems, and can have your trees standing straight, tall and healthy in no time at all.

Make Sure Your Garden is Safe

Lastly, you’ve got to prioritise the safety of your garden and home. Making sure that after big storms or cold weather, your trees remain as healthy and strong as ever is key to trusting that they’re completely safe.

Just think what damage a thick and heavy falling branch could do to a garage, car or home. That’s why you need to call the tree surgeons out if you’re at all worried.