Protect Your Trees against the Winter Chill


Everyone loves trees. Show me someone who says they hate trees, and I will show you a strange, strange person! Trees literally exhale oxygen, they block noise, they look beautiful, some of them flower, and they all provide habitats for all the various birds, squirrels and insects that characterize the English countryside.

Trees Need Looking After!

Trees are the single biggest living thing on the earth, yep, even bigger than blue whales! Not only that, but they’re the longest living, with recorded examples exceeding 5,000 years. That tree was around during Christ’s lifetime!

Despite all that, trees aren’t always as hardy as they might seem. Especially here in the UK, where various invasive flora and fauna have made things harder on them. From ivy strangling tree and blocking light, to various diseases and fungi spreading from tree to tree, sometimes, your trees need some help.

Winter is Especially Hard on Trees

Winter is hard on all plants, especially when we get sporadic snow and sub-zero temperatures very occasionally. This means that the majority of our trees aren’t really adapted to the very worst winter sometimes throws at us.

From strong winds and heavy snow causing tree limbs to come down, to flooding and other issues, the winter is a scary time for a tree. That’s why you need to be taking extra care to make sure your garden’s trees are totally healthy and strong.

Uncared-for Trees Can Be Dangerous

That’s all from the trees perspective too! Let’s not forget that trees falling, and branches coming loose, is extremely dangerous, damaging and costly. Fallen trees block roads, even just branches can write off cars and damages roofs. That’s not something you want to have to deal with, so don’t let it get to the point where your trees are literally falling over!

Call the Experts In!

If you’re uncertain about the health or solidity of your back yard’s trees, call the experts in! Tree surgeons can evaluate the health and structural strength of your trees, and decide how to proceed, whether that’s cutting the tree down, or just doing a little bit of pruning. They know what they’re doing, climbing up tall trees, with chainsaw in hand!

DIY isn’t Worth It!

You might be tempted to have a go at taking care of your trees yourself. Here’s my advice; don’t. Have you ever taken a fall from a height? It’s not fun. Chances are, even with the internet’s advice, you don’t have the skills and equipment (harnesses, mini chainsaws, etc.) to get the job done properly.

There’s a real risk of you accidentally killing the tree, damaging other parts of your property, or really hurting yourself. Tree surgery might not always look the most complicated operation, but there are risks and definite skills involved.

The fact is, getting the experts in isn’t going to set you back that much cash, but it is going to put your mind to rest when it comes to your garden’s trees. Isn’t that worth it?