Get Your Garden Ready for Spring


Spring is a big time for any gardener or outdoor enthusiast. It’s a time of rebirth for all plants, with the daffodils flowering, the trees regaining their leaves, the weather getting less hostile, and all plant life started to perk up again.

That means that your garden could almost certainly do with a little prep before spring hits. Getting a few simple things sorted while the weather’s still frosty will see you ready for spring in no time at all.

Winter isn’t exactly the best time of year for any gardener or outdoorsy type. For the most part, you’re stuck indoors, the trees and plants have all lost their leaves and hunkered down, and really there’s not all that much for you to do. Finally! It’s time to start getting ready for spring.

Order Your Bulbs and Seeds!

Now, this is the kind of fun task that’s perfectly suited to a bleak wintery day! Think forward to summer, and picture what flowers you’re going to be wanting. Now, order them, or go buy them from your local garden centre. I’m talking lilies, and other summer-flowering bulbs and seeds, so make sure you get the right varieties.

Planning ahead like this is always going to be the best way when it comes to making sure that your flower beds look exactly like you want to them to come summer.

Neaten Up Your Flower Beds

As all of last year’s flowers and plants have died, and the grass has grown, you’ll notice all the borders and edges of your flower beds and growing areas have become a little messy. It’s time to get them neatened up and ready for the planting and warm weather to come! A little trimming, pruning and getting rid of layered up plant matter will leave things in good stead.

Get Your Trees Looked At

Trees are gorgeous, handy and a helpful addition to any garden. They give you privacy, encourage the growth of the rest of your garden, and generally enhance the overall look and atmosphere of any outdoor space.

However, if left to their own devices, trees can grow too much, leaving your flower beds in shade, and smaller plants struggling to grow. Throughout our occasionally harsh British winters, your trees can become weakened, and you can even end up seeing branches or whole trees coming down and ruining gardens and property.

Beyond that, trees can actually catch a variety of fungal diseases and conditions, which can leave them dead and rotting while still upright. Obviously, the end effect is that your tree ends up gone, but also potentially taking other trees with it!

What’s the solution? Get a quality, reputable tree surgeon in! The right tree surgeon will be able to evaluate, treat, prune, remove and reshape trees, even when they’re in awkward overhanging locations. Getting someone in to make sure your trees are structurally safe, and healthy, is always going to be a great move when it comes to making sure your garden is going strong for the new year ahead.