Garden Decking – Perfect in the Sun


Decking can be a fantastic addition to any garden, providing a comfy place to sit, a new barbequing area, or just a chilling spot. That’s absolutely invaluable in a heatwave. We don’t get too much sun in the UK, make sure you don’t waste it!

Here are some reasons why decking is perfect for your garden this summer.

A Quick Way to Fix Up the Garden

The suns out, and here in the UK that doesn’t tend to last very long, with this summer’s weather being almost unprecedented. If you’ve been letting your garden slide for a long while and it’s less than ideal, what you need is a quick fix to get enjoying it in the sun.

Decking is a quick installation, which, depending on the size of the deck, can be up and ready to relax on in just a couple of days. This means that from giving the right company a quick call, you can be enjoying a new deck in just a couple of days. Hopefully, enough time to still make the most of the sun. Plus, decks are much better than lawns in the heat.

Lawns Dry Out and Go Crunchy

The fact is that lawns tend to go brown and dead in intense weather, leaving you with a less than relaxation appealing area. That means that walking around barefoot tends to be a bit less fun, and just doesn’t look great. Decking is a much more reliable option in the heat.

Customise Your Deck

Once you’ve got the perfect deck built in your garden, it’s time to furnish it. One of the best things about decking is that it’s always going to be a completely blank slate. From colours to furniture to potted plants, there’s loads you can do to get it looking absolutely fantastic and feeling comfortable.

We’d recommend an outdoor sofa combined with some parasol shading. That’d be luxurious in the summer heat.

Less Maintenance

Decking is great if you’re really not that into gardening, and just want a garden that functions and looks great all year round. Regardless of the weather, you’re always going to be able to wander out onto wooden decking without getting muddy or walking on dry, crunchy grass. It lets you get more out of your garden, especially in the summer heat, while putting less effort in.

The Perfect Staging Area

One thing we all want to do in this weather is get outside and do stuff! Whether that’s a barbeque, party or simply a gathering, we all want to spend time in the garden when it’s hot, and the right decking gives you the perfect place to do just that. Set up the barbeque, invite people over, and put the football on, it’s a perfect set-up.