Five Surprising Benefits of Your Garden Trees


We often take our garden’s trees for granted, treating them like ageless, invulnerable parts of the scenery, but they do a lot more for us than simply look pretty. Here’s five things your garden’s trees do for you.

Trees Actively Clean the Air

When healthy and thriving, trees actually clean and purify the air. This is on top of literally producing oxygen, the very stuff we breathe. By pulling pollutants and impurities from the atmosphere in your garden, you’re literally helping to create a cleaner and healthier space to enjoy.

This has been shown to be better for health as well as helping to generally create a more pleasant, private space.

Trees can be Cooling in Urban Areas

If you live somewhere with too much concrete going on, you’ll have likely suffered in the heat of the past summer.

With an Indian summer optimistically being predicted by many of the tabloids, you’ll be pleased to hear that your garden trees actually cool the space around your garden.

They do this through blocking and absorbing sunlight, which they used for photosynthesis and sustenance. This prevents the warm sunlight from bouncing off concrete and making the area hotter.

Trees Improve Soil Quality

By once again pulling impurities, pollutants and helping to prevent water pollution, trees actively improve and benefit the soil of your garden. If you want a garden that grows and flourishes, make sure you’ve got plenty of healthy trees fixing up the soil.

On top of that, they provide a habitat for birds, rodents and insects, again improving the health and growth of your garden.

Trees Provide Great Play Areas

If you’ve got kids, you’ll already know that trees are natures climbing frames, giving kids endless hours of fun, exercise, and exploration. On top of climbing, you’ve got tree houses, hiding, and general childhood mischief. We’ve all got pleasant childhood memories of time spent messing around in the woods.

Trees Ease Depression and Stress

According to a study done at Harvard, trees have actually been shown to reduce and combat depression and stress. This is due to vegetation actually boosting physical activity, social connection and improve general health.

So Look after Your Trees

…And they’ll look after you! Making sure your trees are healthy is an important part of looking after your garden, and while you can spot some of the major signs of ill health, such as falling, discoloured leaves, or weak branches, a lot of the signs of ill health require the experts.

That’s why for a proper check-up you need to bring in the experts. Tree surgeons can check the health of your trees as well as pruning, repairing and treating any damage.