Get Your Garden Ready for Spring


Spring is a big time for any gardener or outdoor enthusiast. It’s a time of rebirth for all plants, with the daffodils flowering, the trees regaining their leaves, the weather getting less hostile, and all plant life started to perk up again.

That means that your garden could almost certainly do with a little prep before spring hits. Getting a few simple things sorted while the weather’s still frosty will see you ready for spring in no time at all.


Protect Your Trees against the Winter Chill


Everyone loves trees. Show me someone who says they hate trees, and I will show you a strange, strange person! Trees literally exhale oxygen, they block noise, they look beautiful, some of them flower, and they all provide habitats for all the various birds, squirrels and insects that characterize the English countryside.


Why You Need to Prepare Your Trees for Autumn


Trees do a lot for a garden. They block nearby street sounds, they give an otherwise flat, limited stretch of land a tall, 3D canopy, and they simply look beautiful. They accommodate wildlife, giving your garden the birds, squirrels and insects it needs to truly flourish and come alive.

However, certain months of the year are harder on trees than others. The colder months in particular, during autumn and winter, with heavy winds and biting colds. Staying healthy and strong can be harder for trees, especially if they weren’t particularly sturdy or healthy already. (more…)

Why You Should Get Your Garden Trees Professionally Maintained Regularly


When it comes to maintaining a beautiful, safe and peaceful garden, trees are essential. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they provide shelter and shade in rare British summer sun, as well as privacy from passers-by, and providing a potent sound block to busy nearby roads. They make your garden quiet, calm, tranquil and peaceful, and all you have to do is make sure they’re healthy. (more…)

Revitalise Your Garden with Stylish Decking


As the winter drags its feet post-New Year and Christmas, we’re soon going to be entering spring, and the time for garden renovations is upon us. It’s time to start looking at sprucing up the old garden, dealing with old unsightly bits, clearing up the flower beds, maybe getting some new furniture, dealing with leaves, and maybe even planning your new decking. Decking can add so much to a garden, you should definitely consider adding what’s sure to be the beautiful new focal point of your garden this spring.


How to Keep Your Trees Healthy Over Winter


When it comes to maintaining your gardens trees through the colder months, there are a few things you need to bear mind. The common misconception that trees really don’t require any attention, and just exist without assistance is false. Trees might not require quite as much attention as your flowers and house plants, but when something goes wrong with a tree, it can go badly wrong. Whether we’re talking evergreen or deciduous, there are warning signs and things to look for to make certain that your trees are staying healthy. (more…)

The Many Uses of Garden Decking


Garden decking can add a surprising amount to the average garden. Not only can it perform as a great relaxation, party or staging area, but it can also make a garden easier to access, replacing steep stairs and slopes. When covered and heated, quality decking can work as an all-year round outdoor socialising, eating and relaxing area, which in the UK is something pretty special. Everyone enjoys the peace and tranquillity of a great garden, no one enjoys the miserable nine months of weather we get in the UK outside of summer. (more…)

Why The Evolution Group Are The Only Professionals You Need


When it comes to tree surgery, decking, fencing, landscaping or even a large adventure playground for your school, the Evolution Group offers a one stop shop for all of these services, with our professional team on hand to deliver amazing results across the South West of the UK.
All of our colleagues are certified, highly experienced and insured with a wealth of knowledge leaving no doubt that you are in safe hands. The Evolution Group has been established for some years now and we have built a good stable client base and pride ourselves on our quality of work, cleanliness and reliability. (more…)