7 Ways Tree Surgery is Worth the Cost


While some homeowners might consider tree surgery something of an unnecessary expense, we’re here to say there are plenty of ways in which tree surgery can end up paying for itself in saved hassle, cost, and danger. Here’s seven ways in which tree surgery is worth the cost.

Safety is Invaluable

Falling trees and branches are dangerous, and really best avoided. Especially now we enter winter, with stronger, harder weather wearing against our trees, you need to be sure that yours aren’t at any risk of hurting anybody.


How Tree Surgery Can Transform Your Garden


As we enter winter, it’s time to start thinking about getting our gardens neatened up and in order. Before we head inside for the season, first let’s get things looking gorgeous again. Here’s how tree surgery can transform your garden.

Aesthetics are Key

When it comes to the garden, it’s all about getting it to look right. The right flowerbeds, the right plants, the right ornaments, everything just right. The thing is, most of those elements the green-fingered among us can handle on their own, no problem. Trees are a different matter, however.


Why Decking Beats Lawn, Every Time!


When it comes to our gardens, we always want to be optimising them, making them the very best they can be. In a lot of ways, decking is the ultimate way to go about that. Here’s a bunch of reasons why decking beats lawn, every single time!

Lawn Melts into Muddy, Wet Swamp for a Lot of the Year

If you’re among the lucky few to have a garden that sits slightly raised, then you probably aren’t going to have to face this problem too often. However, for the rest of us, all winter, autumn, and spring, our lawns dissolve into splashy, muddy swamps that are good for nothing except avoiding.


Refine Your Garden with Tree Surgery


When it comes to making sure that your garden is doing as well as it possibly can, there’s one thing that far too many people fail to give proper consideration.

It’s altogether too easy to look up at our garden trees and regard them as a static part of the landscape, needing no assistance or attention to keep growing healthily and normally.


Garden Decking – Perfect in the Sun


Decking can be a fantastic addition to any garden, providing a comfy place to sit, a new barbequing area, or just a chilling spot. That’s absolutely invaluable in a heatwave. We don’t get too much sun in the UK, make sure you don’t waste it!

Here are some reasons why decking is perfect for your garden this summer.


Five Surprising Benefits of Your Garden Trees


We often take our garden’s trees for granted, treating them like ageless, invulnerable parts of the scenery, but they do a lot more for us than simply look pretty. Here’s five things your garden’s trees do for you.


Decking is More Versatile than You Realise


When it comes to garden decking, far too many people picture boring, plain decking, and fail to imagine all the different uses and potential inherent to a quality garden deck.

From thoroughly decorated decks to functions and events, to simply being able to use some part of your garden all year round, decks are much more powerful than we generally give them credit for.


Smarten Your Garden for the New Year


Trees are an essential part of any garden. They form the backdrop, giving your garden an air of secluded tranquillity while blocking sound. They encourage birds to live and sing in your garden, and they’re great for the kids to climb on. In short, having a couple of trees in your garden can be a great thing.

However, that’s not all there is to it. The majority of trees look gorgeous, but sometimes, if you’ve got a partially dead or dying tree or a sick tree, it can be an absolute eyesore, with missing or discoloured leaves.


Why Decking is Still Perfect in the Colder Months


If you’re trying to think of ways you can step up your garden and make it much more useful and functional this winter, look no further than a quality deck. Well designed and installed decking can be used year round, and really increases a gardens versatility, especially in the damper, cooler months.

You can add furniture, shelter and heaters to decks too, as well as being absolutely bespoke, so can be made to fit with any property. Essentially, decks are the perfect upgrade to a tired and cold garden this winter.


Three Surprising Benefits of Skilled Tree Surgery


Trees sometimes seem like these timeless giants that really are beyond our interference. They’re part of the scenery, like hills and stones. While it’s true that many species live longer than half a millennia, that doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes need our help. Let’s not forget that trees can also become a menace or a nuisance too. Here’s three major benefits that skilled tree surgery can bring to your garden.