Five Surprising Benefits of Your Garden Trees


We often take our garden’s trees for granted, treating them like ageless, invulnerable parts of the scenery, but they do a lot more for us than simply look pretty. Here’s five things your garden’s trees do for you.


Decking is More Versatile than You Realise


When it comes to garden decking, far too many people picture boring, plain decking, and fail to imagine all the different uses and potential inherent to a quality garden deck.

From thoroughly decorated decks to functions and events, to simply being able to use some part of your garden all year round, decks are much more powerful than we generally give them credit for.


Smarten Your Garden for the New Year


Trees are an essential part of any garden. They form the backdrop, giving your garden an air of secluded tranquillity while blocking sound. They encourage birds to live and sing in your garden, and they’re great for the kids to climb on. In short, having a couple of trees in your garden can be a great thing.

However, that’s not all there is to it. The majority of trees look gorgeous, but sometimes, if you’ve got a partially dead or dying tree or a sick tree, it can be an absolute eyesore, with missing or discoloured leaves.


Why Decking is Still Perfect in the Colder Months


If you’re trying to think of ways you can step up your garden and make it much more useful and functional this winter, look no further than a quality deck. Well designed and installed decking can be used year round, and really increases a gardens versatility, especially in the damper, cooler months.

You can add furniture, shelter and heaters to decks too, as well as being absolutely bespoke, so can be made to fit with any property. Essentially, decks are the perfect upgrade to a tired and cold garden this winter.


Three Surprising Benefits of Skilled Tree Surgery


Trees sometimes seem like these timeless giants that really are beyond our interference. They’re part of the scenery, like hills and stones. While it’s true that many species live longer than half a millennia, that doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes need our help. Let’s not forget that trees can also become a menace or a nuisance too. Here’s three major benefits that skilled tree surgery can bring to your garden.


Bespoke Carpentry is the Way Forward


If you’ve got an older or an interestingly-designed property, you’ll know all about the trouble when it comes to getting quality joinery that really makes the most of the space.

Mass-produced and cheap options simply don’t match, and make for way too many compromises, and anyway, who wants to be boring? Here’s why bespoke carpentry is the only way forward!


How Fencing Improves Your Garden


There are a lot of different ways a quality fence can improve your garden. They say your home is your castle, but you know what the thing about castles is? They had massive walls, moats and other obstacles making them private and separate from the world. But let’s be real here, you can’t have a moat, you can’t have a three meter thick stone wall with knights patrolling. You know what you can have? A great quality fence.

Quality fencing boosts your garden in a number of ways, here’s a few.


Get Your Garden Ready for Spring


Spring is a big time for any gardener or outdoor enthusiast. It’s a time of rebirth for all plants, with the daffodils flowering, the trees regaining their leaves, the weather getting less hostile, and all plant life started to perk up again.

That means that your garden could almost certainly do with a little prep before spring hits. Getting a few simple things sorted while the weather’s still frosty will see you ready for spring in no time at all.


Protect Your Trees against the Winter Chill


Everyone loves trees. Show me someone who says they hate trees, and I will show you a strange, strange person! Trees literally exhale oxygen, they block noise, they look beautiful, some of them flower, and they all provide habitats for all the various birds, squirrels and insects that characterize the English countryside.


Why You Need to Prepare Your Trees for Autumn


Trees do a lot for a garden. They block nearby street sounds, they give an otherwise flat, limited stretch of land a tall, 3D canopy, and they simply look beautiful. They accommodate wildlife, giving your garden the birds, squirrels and insects it needs to truly flourish and come alive.

However, certain months of the year are harder on trees than others. The colder months in particular, during autumn and winter, with heavy winds and biting colds. Staying healthy and strong can be harder for trees, especially if they weren’t particularly sturdy or healthy already. (more…)